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Sean Avery is a Wingman for the Rangers, Who Pay Him to Be an Asshole

Finally catching up with my New Yorkers (I'm in June now!) and I loved this article about Avery. He antagonizes the other team in an effort to distract them. Lots of purists were upset, but I saw all's fair in love and sports. To top it all off he lurves fashion and is now an intern at Men's Vogue. This guy rules.

Superfan Cameron Hughes is Paid about $2K to be a Super Fan at Sports Games

"Cameron Hughes is his team's biggest fan. Depending on his mood, he might pull off one of the multiple team jerseys he wears and spin it wildly in the air, scream at the top of his lungs, and exhort fellow supporters to do the same. Or he might pull an old lady from her seat and dance her through the arena." He earns six figures a year.

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