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The Photography of Geovanny Verdezoto

Posted June 2, 2009


Last month, Jori and I went to see the work on display at this year's NY Photo Festival. Like the previous event, there was only one artist who really stood out. Last year was Jeffrey Milstein and this year I was enamored with the work of Geovanny Verdezoto.

Geovanny is a 25 year-old photographer from Ecuador, but that's about all I could find about him. I do know that his photographs on display were expansive, panoramic shots. They look like 360°ree; shots, but I wonder if they're stitched togther at all. The one above was on display and is my favorite, but there are few more on his site.

Finally, here's a Google-translated interview with the photographer. I wanted to hear about how he created the photos, but I'll take some insight into his inspiration instead.

AirCraft by Jeffrey Milstein

Posted May 20, 2008

On Saturday, Jori and I took in the New York Photo Festival. There wasn't a whole lot to get excited about, but we were both curious about Jeffrey Milstein's AirCraft typology.


The photos are much more striking when seem large, but we couldn't help but wonder how he took these photos. A release about another exhibition explains, "Standing with his camera at the end of a runway watching them descend, he freezes their headlong 200 mile per hour motion, capturing all the details of their shapes and construction with absolute precision."

That was my guess, but the photos were so perfectly aligned and photoshopped it was hard to believe. Now, Mr. Milstein, I believe.

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