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Monthly vs. Single After the Fare Hike

Posted November 16, 2010

20101116metrocard.pngIn a month and a half, the MTA will be raising the fares for subway riders in New York City. I commute to work underground every day and wasn’t sure if I should continue to buy a monthly unlimited pass. I also have been enamored with data journalism as of late. Thus, I made something.

For New Yorkers considering a monthly Metrocard in 2011, I submit the Metrocard Cost Comparison for 2011. As you can see from the preview, it compares the difference in cost for monthly vs. pay-per-ride cards both before and after the fare hike. The difference isn’t huge, but seeing the table makes it much easier to digest.

Digging a Tunnel Below NYC

Posted January 29, 2010


The MTA has been building a tunnel to bring the LIRR into Grand Central. They're expecting it to be complete by 2016. The photo above is from a slideshow on showing some of the images of the dig. Ron Cohen, who is pictured, has been a foreman on this project for a year. If sees it to fruition, he will have worked underground for 9 years. That's insane.

Also worth noting, the workers have a choice of Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks coffee. According to the caption (Image #4), the workers prefer Dunkin Donuts.


Slideshow via Sean and you can read more about this on Gothamist

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